What can you expect during a session?

Get clarity and see what empowers and limits you to fully live from your true power. Find balance and unity in the different aspects of your being; body, mind, soul and spirit. Become aware of suppressed feelings and thoughts that come up. Illuminate, integrate and transform what arises within you. Free yourself from limitations and broaden your perspective in order to realize your full potential. Become whole and complete again. Find the power and loving awareness to take charge of who you truly are and how you move in the world.

What is the value of one-on-one sessions?

• Get clarity about yourself, life, relationships, family and work
• Recognize and break through limiting behavioural patterns
• Heal emotional wounds
• Use your abilities and talents
• Make conscious choices and get a new perspective
• Embody your full potential
• Find inner leadership
• Live from your essence; clarity, power and love


Location and Cost

Sessions take place at Sloetstraat 14, Nijmegen, The Netherlands (route). The price of a session is 80 euro (incl. 21% VAT). Payment takes places at the session by cash.

Do you live outside The Netherlands? I am available for sessions via Skype. Payments can be made before a session by bank or via PayPal.

Cancellation policy: A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to reschedule/cancel a session via email. If you cancel within 24 hours, then the half the cost of a session will be charged.

Find happiness
Not in the world outside
But from the inside
Surrender all within
Rise up rooted like a tree
Realize your true nature
This is happiness

- Isabelle Chappin