The motivation to guide people to live from their true power arises directly from my experiences and awakening. When I was 15 years old I discovered that I would not find the answers to my philosophical questions in the outside world, instead I found them within myself. Because I changed completely from the inside out, my life changed.

Since a young age, people have crossed my path that I spontaneously had sessions with. At that time I did not know that this would become my future work, therefore I studied International Business Communication in Nijmegen and a master Strategic Human Resource Management at the University of Utrecht. After some journeys and work experience abroad, living in Nijmegen with my family became the foundation for my spiritual work.

Since I work next to Rens Hendriks at the sloetstraat in Nijmegen, there is a deep unity with God as Source of our true loving reality. From that power the sessions develop and we become who we truly are.


Life is my teacher
And I am thankful for my struggles
For without them
I would not have found
Wisdom as my guide
Love as cure for pain
And Truth to set me free at last
Those struggles were blessings in disguise
Now I see and remember
That life is a mirror
For the vastness of my being
To reveal the true nature of our reality
That is LOVE

- Isabelle