From a young age I looked deep within. I wrote in my diary to understand life and myself.

When I was 15, something happened while I was writing, that completely changed my worldview. There was a bigger reality, with a new perspective and a deeper way of seeing. From this, I apparently could help people that crossed my path and they referred others to me. At that time, I just wanted to be “normal” and did not know this would be my work 10 years later.

After high school I searched for happiness in the world outside, I travelled and finished my degrees. At the age of 25, I thought that I wanted to work as an organizational consultant, but this turned out differently. My partner saw me having spontaneous “sessions” just a little too often and in a variety of places. He advised me to build a website. It got busy quickly and the sessions turned out to be my true work. 

My spiritual path was often lonely. When I was 15, I completely changed from the inside out, but my environment stayed quite the same. To write almost every day and be in silence, was my way to integrate “the newness”, which was the opposite of my old worldly life. The descending of this newness, took around 15 years. 

From 2014, I work next to Rens Hendriks in Nijmegen. Ever since, there has been a deeper unity with our true reality, aligned with God as source. From this, the sessions arise and we become new from the inside out. I am grateful for this work.

my true riches are not of this world
it is to have found the gate to heaven
deeply from within
i am thankful for my suffering
as a reminder to surrender
i am not afraid of, nor defined by
the perils of this world
for i am God’s beloved
- forever