In 2016 I visited Isabelle’s practice for the first time. She showed me who I truly am, helped me to work through my darkness and gave me the courage to be who I am. She opened my eyes towards what had to be seen, always honest, loving and clear. Through the years she assisted me on my path as an artist. Thanks to Isabelle I can create from a place of love and purity. With her deep trust I learned to move in the world as I am. For this I am very thankful.

Birgit Bemers –

I am a leadership coach and I have worked in more than 20 countries and with many companies over the last 30 years. I am proud to say that Isabelle is my personal coach and she has made a big difference to my life.
She has been blessed with a real gift of deeply understanding people and I always feel very safe when I am with her.
She helps me to more deeply understand myself and my situation and therefore I am able to adjust or make the next step in my journey. I have no idea how she does it at such a young age but she has insight and wisdom well beyond her years. She is truly real and authentic and is one of the most spiritual people I have met in my life.

Steve Core –

I am a thinker, a dreamer, a creator, a philosopher. I can finally translate into words what is coming from within. As a photographer, I translate with image. Therefore I can create on a certain frequency.
Meanwhile, I understand pain.
Meanwhile, I understand love.
Meanwhile I understand the world and everything beyond it a bit better.
You are especially the one that truly understand me, that understands what is going on inside of me. Our connection has so many different layers, it is hard to explain, let alone understand. What is simple, is that you are always there for me. That I can count on you and that I have less difficulty with situations on planet earth. That I don’t find it that bad to be here. That I have managed to learn to play the game on earth quite wel nowadays. Because of you and Rens Hendriks I feel seen and understood. I am you, you are me, we are each other.

Nanda Hagenaars –

During my soccer career, all seemed to go perfectly, like it was written in a storybook. Till at a certain moment, while playing at NEC Nijmegen, I sat on the bench weekly. I began to ask myself more and more if the things that supporters, newpapers and other people were saying might be true after all, that I wasn’t good enough. When I ended up sitting on the bench after a change of coaches at FC Den Bosch, I thought I knew it, I am not as good as I was before.
From that moment I started to visit Isabelle. I did not have to tell my story, with a few words and facial expressions she knew exactly what it was all about. Isabelle said that she did not know a thing about soccer, but she could tell exactly how everything worked. It was very confronting to share certain things, that you always have hidden, with her. But talking about these things precisely, felt like a relief to me.
In contrast to almost any other sports, it is not very common to go to someone like Isabelle in the soccer world. I am truly convinced that more soccer players should take advantage of this, to reach their absolute top. Because of Isabelle I started to see that I am not a player and person that wants to live in the grey masses his entire life, but that i dare to be different because of my qualities.
I am not only happier, more energized and more myself as an athlete, but also as a human. Because of the conversations with Isabelle, I can be myself on and outside the soccer field and I don’t need others to like me or think I am good.

Daan Disveld

Impressive, confrontational, freeing, a relief, accessible, healing; some thoughts and words, that come to mind when I think about my sessions with Isabelle. Even when I don’t have a concrete problem, she knows how to get to the root of things within me that apparently are stuck and we find a solution. The conversations brought clarity and gave me so much positive energy, which I can give in my work and private life afterwards. She helps me to be who i am.
Isabelle is a beautiful human with a special gift, that has helped tremendously to believe in my own power and live according to it.

Katharina –

Thank you dear Isa – for doing what you do. Being what you are. You know the truth and are not afraid to speak it. And you truly see people – you see me straight through all the heaviness, even if I and the people around me can’t see me that well. Then you are just that light that still sees the final part of me, know what I need and moves me to be who I am. Because you are in my life, I feel stronger, because you are there and will never stop to believe in me in the moments that I (and other people that visit you) have difficulties with life. Now it gets cheesy, but this has tob e said. You has always been there for me in tha past 4 years. Wit hso much patience and love and patience and more love. I have started the sessions as a lost sheep, and came back stronger after each session, understanding the world a bit better. Thank you Isa.

Love, Alex

At the time when I heard about Isabelle, I had completely lost myself. I was very broken and suffered from severe anxiety, depression and even suicidal thoughts. Without telling anything about myself, Isabelle started to tell me about myself directly. The words that she spoke descended upon me like a warm blanket and I experienced a peace that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Finally someone that understood me and could explain why I had been struggling my entire life. With Isabelle’s support and a kind of “spiritual mother” I have chosen for the light, and do not succumb to my big darker side. I am eternally grateful that Isabelle came on my path, and with her help I feel that I grow stronger and lighter.

Only love for Isabelle.


I have moved a lot in my life and due to that I have gotten advice from quite a few different counsellors over the years. Isabelle however is very unique and covers as much ground as 6 months “normal counselling” in just one session. It is not pretty and it needs a lot of courage to face the truth that she will reveal, but it is life changing. I went to see Isabelle with very strong stress related headaches and they went away a few hours after the first session and have not come back since. She directly spotted the problem and brought it to light. Isabelle looks into and through people within minutes of the first contact. I am a scientist and cannot explain how it works, but it does. My life has taken a very abrupt turn for the better and I feel calmer, more content and much happier. I am still seeing her as she continues to put her finger on things that are still not running smoothly in my life. The fantastic thing with Isabelle is that she tells you things about yourself that are shocking, but deep down you have known them all along to be true but either ignored them or didn’t quite know what to do with them. Isabelle will help you understand and set things straight.

Angelika Sturm

Isabelle is one of the most important people I have ever met. Since 2013, she has been crucial to my development. She saw in me what I did not see in myself for a long time. Because of her enormous power, love and trust in me I found the right path.
She immediately shed light on certain underlying problems from my past in one for the first sessions. She understood that speaking in words can be quite difficult for me and sensed what was going on within me through her spiritual ability. Because of her I have even found my calling as an illustrator, of which I am infinitely grateful. There are many aspects in which she helps me again and again, sending me in the right direction. She and Rens together were able to heal my emotional wounds.
Her conviction and loving power is such an inspiration. I would highly recommend everyone to do a session with her. Even when you think your troubles are not that bad, Isabelle can look so much deeper and always sees the truth. Her loving power changes your perspective completely and she offers you to live life from your own true power.

Nina Coco

I have never met someone that understood me so well. Isabelle dared to show me my true feelings and tells it like it is. I am a sensitive guy (25), sensitive to surroundings and people and in my life I have seen quite a few coaches/psychologists. When I met them I tried to explain myself in 2000 words and then I still could not get to the core. With Isabelle it was simple “Live life from your true power, from the inside out, not from the outside in”. This to me is the core and I start to feel more and more comfortable with it. 

Her advice and coaching has always been spot-on. I have learned to go within and connect with my core when I am out of balance: What do I want? Who am I?

I am comfortable in my skin, starting to get to know myself better and my vision is clearer then ever. I found peace of mind, acceptance, understanding and love within myself. Isabelle has had a big impact on my life. 

I thank Isabelle for her understanding, love, wisdom and inspiration. 

Looking forward to our next session!

Lots of love,

I remember it so well: the day that I met you! 4 years ago I was at the lunchroom of my cousin, I was 22 at the time. You came in and immediately I was curious, I tried to make eye contact and I thought you were a bit arrogant, because you did not say hello to me – which is strange of course, because we did not know each other. You started talking to my cousin and told her about what you do. That caught my attention and we started talking. Shortly after that tears were streaming down my cheeks, because of the true things you said and I planned a session with you. After the first session, that gave me clarity about the unhealed child within me, you started talking about “the light” that I carried with me. You told me that my mum was with me, the thing I longed to hear from you, but I did not open up to you about that initially. I did not know about your gifts yet and was not familiar with energies etc. So at first I thought “prove it”. And that is what you did! You were the gateway to my mum and now I realize that was why felt curiosity towards you when I met you in the first place..You told me what my mum had to say and I still have the recording of that. After the session I understood everything, I was not angry with my dad anymore and I felt very loved. This truly was a WOW moment! The victim, the small child in me, could finally heal. I was freed from the pain in which I locked myself. I also saw that a guardian angel can give so much more love and protection than any earthly mum and I felt so blessed. From that moment on nothing in my life was a coincidence anymore and I got so many beautiful things, people and lessons in my life. Because of your sessions I started to free myself from pain and blockages and I can see the beauty in everything! You have taught me that anything is possible and how to stand in my power. It went with ups and downs, but you send me in the right direction again and again. Because of you I have learned who I am, who I want to be and that I am even more than that. I am grateful to you dear Isabelle, my spiritual mother and a beautiful woman inside and out.

Love Djamilla

This is the story of a fighter. The story of a survivor that like many people was convinced of the survival of the fittest when it comes to survival. But the main character of this story came to the conclusion that it was exactly the false beliefs that kept him from being who he truly is. This realization resulted in an indescribable feeling that in the English language can be associated with the words: peace, love and calmness.
A source of energy that seems limitless because it expands every day. As opposed to what was and was not meant to be, now there is just what truly is. What truly is he cannot describe because this would undermine the experience of a session and transform it into a commercial product. Why he wants to share this with you, is because he wishes you the same, so this could become your story.

Reza Mirshekar

To describe the sessions with Isabelle, I would say that it is a very confrontational hour, but also a game changer, that is essential for everyone’s development or happiness in life..
Isabelle does not tell fairy tales and immediately puts her finger on the sore spot. You don’t have to tell her how you truly feel, or what you think could be better in your life. She sees you, recognizes you and understands you. Then she goes in depth with whatever subject that requires attention. In my case it was about my career and recognizing and embracing my talents, relationships, but also blockages that I was running from. She guides you to a point at which, for the first time in your life, you honestly have to look into the mirror to face yourself. All masks go off and this time no bullshit anymore ;-).
Anyone can cling to the safe and familiar in their life (I did that as well). But Isabelle is there to break through patterns and clearly explains what eventually would suit you better. Believe me, in the end that will make you a much happier and wiser person! Trust her and confront yourself, when you want to improve the quality of your life.


I have visited Isa in february 2019 for just one session. At that time, I was slowly recovering from a burn-out and I knew i had to leave my job. However, I did not have a clear vision for my future and did not know what my next steps should be. I decided to consult Isa and to see if she could help me with her intuitive way of working.
The session went differently than I expected beforehand, and quickly all separate pieces that I collected in the past years, became a complete overview, in just one session. It became immediately clear that I needed to take a different step than I had thought. Although it seemed scary at first, I could not get the thought out of my mind and took a leap of faith to live abroad. I started to live in Australia and immediately things started to flow, that always seemed difficult to me in the Neherlands. My growth and development accelerated and it became very clear that I had to be here to take the next steps in my life. Now, one and a half years later, I still live in Australia, see my future clearly and have met the love of my life. Although it was just one session; it turned out to be very important to point me in the right direction with the rest to follow. For that, I am very grateful. I felt recognized in the session with Isa and it was a nice way of working. If you are looking for someone that does her work from the heart instead of her mind, then you are at the right place with Isa.

With love,


Isabelle came into my life when I was 11. With her I felt safe and she was like a big sister to me. She is there, exactly at the right moment, for everyone. What she does is very natural. To let you experience your true power, without being too “spiritual”. Direct and clear, loving.

Duncan Gerritsen

Isabelle has been very important to me as a friend since I was 13. With Isa, something happened at 15 that didn’t happen with me. At that time I was very sober and was not yet open to the things she felt. Despite this, we always remained very good friends. Until I saw that I had frustration and anger in me and she had asked me several times to do a session. I didn’t want to, because I was afraid. Then I would have to face myself and I couldn’t do that at that time. Finally I did and from that moment my eyes were opened. She saw and felt so much in me that I did not need words. This was such a nice feeling. I felt so understood. She really “saw” me and everything fell into place. Isa made me see why I was the way I was. Which made me understand myself. She could help me up to a certain point, but she advised me to go to Rens Hendriks, because we are too close. I didn’t want to go to Rens immediately because I found Isabelle very safe. Through Rens Hendriks I have awakened spiritually and appreciate even more what she is. Isa is for me a warm mother force. I feel her love so strongly. She has certain gifts that are so special, almost indescribable. Isa to me is therefore one of the most beautiful and important souls I know. She has changed my life.

Maaike Jansen

I am very grateful that you have connected me with my inner child.
That you have let me “see” my husband (the good in him and the power of the good).
That you have shown me my role as a woman and how to take the role.
That you have awakened me and showed me that I had to let go of my son so he can grow.
All of this was exactly needed let what Rens Hendriks has built in me fall together and let that be an actuality. Now the power of being may and can fully flow through me. I am very grateful.

Love C.

A life without Isabelle is unimaginable for me. I have known Isabelle for many years and always knew about what she can do. I have felt it within every fibre of my being. I just closed myself off from it, because I was not ready yet.

But, just like it always goes with Isabelle, she was there at the exact right moment. I was at a point in my life in which I was searching in the world. It felt like I did not have anything to hold onto anymore. I could not control my emotions. During that time I thought about Isabelle a lot, but I always stopped myself to contact her. I was being hard on myself and thought I should not complain. But then I literally bumped into her. Which felt like a gift from heaven. “You have to come and visit”, she said.

In the sessions with Isabelle, it is like your soul finds its way home. She reflects back at you who you are, but with love. She is bright and clear. Because Isabelle sees your emotions and knows where they come from, I always feel save and understood in the sessions. You just feel that she sees your true being. Because of that you can let go of everything and truly be who you are. She taught me to understand myself. Isabelle is a guide that helps you to be who you are. Together with Rens, they let me stand in my power. I believe with all my heart that both of them are here to help us.

Marisel Ahumada Espinoza 

I heard about Isabelle from friends, and however I did not experience an urgent problem, I still decided to make an appointment. I thought it couldn’t hurt to experience more about myself. Within 10 minutes after the start of the session, I was already very emotional, because Isabelle immediately touched me to my core.
She made me aware of the fact that I have been very strict to myself and that things that I thought I had worked through still limited me in my own happiness. She has taught me that it is important to love yourself and that that has nothing to do with arrogance. On the contrary, with love for yourself, you even have much more love left to give to others. I always was afraid to relax, I thought it would make my results get worse and I was afraid that I would not be able to finish my busy daily to do list. Because of Isabelle I have learned that I can be more effective (and joyful) if I listen well to myself and consciously choose to schedule moments of relaxation. Then I have much more energy for the daily tasks ahead. That it is okay and useful to know and then show your weaknesses to others and that people don’t love you less through that, instead they love you more.
The beautiful thing about the sessions with Isabelle is that they are “tailored” to everyone’s needs. Do you believe in spirituality, then you can reach your highest energy levels, but if this isn’t your cup of tea then the things that Isabelle says are just very good and useful advice. I truly recommend everyone to have a session with Isabelle, because everyone has themes to deal with and Isabelle can help you handle these themes like no one else.


Isabelle, from my point of view she is the saviour and angel that is always on my shoulder. The first person in my life that truly saw me and still sees who I truly am. Without Isabelle I wasn’t the person I am today, the person I am supposed to be. My true self, that does not hide behind a cloak or mask.

After years of different kinds of therapy, talking for hours and overthinking my past, years of numbing myself with food, thinking it was just about fixing my eating routine. Repeating situations, from highs to very deep lows, until I had suicidal thoughts. Tears that kept coming and the people around me did not even know how to help me anymore. A doctor that gave me antidepressants, that made everything worse and I still did not know the true cause of my pain. I was done talking with psychologists. It had cost me a tremendous amount of energy, money and time and it did not solve anything in the end. Just more confusion and obscurity.

Until one day Isabelle came to me and said: “I am done seeing that you can not be who you truly are”. This made me think and I thought; I have nothing to lose. After my first session with Isabelle I was amazed. Words cannot explain what she can do. She has a gift that you must experience. It was a very intense session. In which all became suddenly very clear. Without having to tell for hours about my past. Isabelle could tell me so much about my life and myself. Things that no one knew and could not know. As if I, since I was a little girl, had kept her close. Finally I understood why things went the way they went. Without being angry with myself about it. All pieces of the puzzle fell at the right place. The feeling that someone truly understands you, truly sees you, the feeling that someone saves you from the most complex maze, that is Isabelle.

I am very happy with all that I know now. If I had known this years earlier, then life would have been much easier. Bit by bit I am becoming friends with the dragon (how I call my trauma) that lives deep inside of me. To go on with full force and energy. Instead of hanging on a very thin thread above a scary abyss.

I would love to bring everyone personally – everyone who is lost and does not know where to seek, that makes life so difficult for him-/herself, the one that talks for hours and hours with psychologists – to Isabelle. Because to me, she is my saviour. Yes I might repeat myself. But it is valid. The feeling that she gives you and the bags full of power that you take home when you leave her, there are no words fort hat. You just have to feel and experience it. When you;re in doubt, just ask Isabelle for my number. I will tell with love why there is no reason to doubt. I just wish everybody the freedom to be who you truly are.


I knew who she was and I had heard about what she did, but I did not have a reason (yet) to visit her. Till I came into her “room” in a special way and it became clear that it all was supposed to be like this exactly. She has given me and my family a wonderful gift by transmitting messages from the invisible world. A few years ago we had to say goodbye to my brother, but until that moment there where many questions about his life and his death. During our appointment I had the feeling that I could finally hear and feel what I (subconsciously) longed for. I could connect with him and knew that all is well, has been well and will be well. This appointment truly helped me to put his death into a better perspective. Furthermore I got valuable insights and tools for myself. Subconscious themes that still controlled my life that I had to work through, to stand in my power and live my true potential. 

It does not matter where you stand or how far you are on your inner journey, you’ll always have something new to learn. Whether you are very down or actually feel stronger already then ever before. I believe that you meet the right person at the right moment. Someone that can give you that extra push that you need, that can support you to become an even more beautiful version of yourself.

A short while after our first appointment I have moved abroad. Here my inner journey continued ofcourse. The first months I felt like I had to find my way, although I knew which themes I had to work through, i did not know how to apply this. I had to think about Isabelle a lot again and I decided to contact her. In the past I did not feel much for sessions via Skype, but I experienced that it worked very well and comfortable with Isabelle. During our sessions I have always felt a strong connection. I did not need many words, but I always got exactly the messages that I had to hear to shake up my entire situation again, so the pieces of the puzzle could be put in the right place again afterwards. 

I feel very grateful that there is someone that can see me truly and completely, while I don’t always can or want to look at myself good enough. I love her uncomplicated and direct approach. Sometimes it gets very confrontational, but this is the way that works for me. And I think that this is a huge quality, that she can resonate with what YOU need at a certain moment and how you can receive it. And yes, for stubborn rascals the soft approach doesn’t work unfortunately.

Dear Isabelle, thank you for the moments that you made me captain of my ship, giving me the clarity to see the right direction and showing me how the waves of the dark sea are just forces that I can use to go forward. It is good to know that I can visit know and then and that you are there when I feel the need.


A friend and some other people told me about Isabelle. I knew who she was, but not what she did, I had been curious. At a certain moment I had the feeling that I should visit her, because I was stuck. With beautiful metaphors, Isabelle told me what was going on. It was nice to hear that what I deep down had felt or thought, was confirmed. Three months later I returned. I had made some different choices in my life and thought I was on the right track. I did not please people that mucht anymore and focused on myself. In march 2018 I felt a lack of balance again, especially with work. I had worked for a low income for years, for people that not value me and I let it happen myself. Back to Isa! In my head I made steps for a career switch. Only my boyfriend knew about this. I was insecure about the future, and coul I truly do it? The moment I visited Isa, she said a few things that she could not know. “Yes this feels good!”, went through me, thinking “how does she do it?”.
Isabelle removed my last insecurities and encouraged me. Where doors close, windows open. Two months after visiting Isabelle, I decided to quit my job and take a leap, all became better. I found a job at an agency and released creativity in my music. I can listen better to what happends inside of me and I can see clearly what is good for me and make my own choices. Thank you Isa, you see talent in people and bring it up.


Since I’ve met Isabelle, she has made an essential difference to my life. Through her intuitive abilities she has given me a very clear overview of myself and the system in which I live. Because of this clarity I am able to accept and change things in my life. With her direct way of communicating, she knows how to share insights without pretense. She does this in a loving, yet firm manner. At a quick pace, she brought me to the place where I longed to be for so long; with myself. We see each other for a while now, and for now it will stay like that. For me, she is a good place to visit, a place of healing, contemplation, confrontation, but also inspiration and warmth.


I have known Isabelle for a long time. I was her tutor when she finished her “VWO” high school exams. When I lost my balance completely a year ago, there was a facebook message from isabelle. Wit hit she wrote, “I just had to say this”. I was amazed by the force and impacht of her clear words. I decided to switch roles and instead of being her tutor, she became my coach.
To stick with the core of my being and keep repeating, repeating and repeating, my stubborn thinking is/will be transformed to being and feeling. Vulnerability has got a new dimension for me. I am grateful for Isabelle, that I was her tutor and that she is my coach.

Mascha Heessels

Because of Isabelle I had the feeling that someone understood me 100% for the first time in my life. She was so honest, I wasn’t even that honest to myself, as good as she looked into me, I could not look into myself. It was as if the pieces of the puzzle finally fell together. The most important thing was the relief that I felt afterwards, the feeling that I am not alone.


Isabelle was the light during a dark phase in my life, in which I was searching for myself, asking; “Who am I? Why do I do what I do?”

It felt like I carried a ball of feelings within me, that had to explode one day. I did not understand myself, my fears and the anger issues that I had. When I hit the ground, I was very happy to meet Isabelle.

She brought out my deepest self, with a feeling like: “We are gonna clean up! You don’t have to suffer anymore and can let go of everything.”

The conversations with her and that I did not have to tell anything, that was beautiful. Because she completely saw how I felt, I immediately had a feeling of trust.

Isabelle gave me back the power and faith in myself. My past does not dictate who I am anymore. I see the light now and all is clear. I will not be overpowered ny feelings and if I feel them, I know; I am not my feelings. Because of the sessions I dare to be myself and can be vulnerable without being ashamed. I feel liberated and I love myself. I feel now: I am here and I am allowed to fully be here.

Silvia Mendoza

Flowers in the sun
I am calm, joyful, energetic and real again. I can be there for myself and others, despite the situation, people and seasons.
I was overgrown by the weeds beside me. I was completely absorbed by it and it kept growing. I forgot to pay attention to the flower that I truly am. And I forgot that when I find the warmth and sunlight that is meant for me, I can outgrow the weeds. I can do this, without wanting to keep the light from reaching the flowers around me. It would be even better, if they can also shine with their own true colours. There is enough sunlight for everyone and together we form a beautiful bouquet. Isabelle showed me this. She helped me in the beginning, but now my roots are growing stronger and my leaves can find the sunlight. Since I am saying yes tot his lighter life, it also says yes to me. Yesterday I read somewhere for example: “There are two ways to create light in this world; bet he sun or reflect sunlight.”
I had visited several professional therapists before my first visit to Isabelle, but nowhere had I been so deeply touched and was there so much true attention, love and enegry for the origins of my personal mental and physical pains. Isabelle is a true talent and can also shine light on your darkness, to be luminated.